• Reporting on What Matters

    Thank you for attending our Reporting on What Matters event! If something truly matters to an organization, it measures and reports on it while continuously revising. Thank you to our guest speakers for their contributions.

  • Breakthrough Storytelling LAB

    Thank you for attending our Breakthrough Storytelling LAB! We hope those who participated learned more about the art of crafting compelling narratives and were able to apply it to their own organization, especially those focusing on environmental sustainability.

  • ClimateActionWR: Accelerating Action Workshops

    ClimateActionWR held workshops for each of its Transportation, Residential and Workplace (ICI) Sector Committee Members. Thank you to everyone who came out to address current challenges within these sector areas while identifying ways to over overcome these barriers!

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Who we are

We are a dedicated team, motivated by a shared passion for progress towards sustainability across Waterloo Region. Together we are working to realize our vision for an environmentally and economically resilient community that prioritizes the well-being of current and future generations.

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What we do

Sustainable Waterloo Region fosters collaborations that enable local organizations to convert their sustainability interest into action. These organizations participate in our programs to achieve environmental and economic benefits. By building networks, setting a common direction for results, and publicly reporting on progress, we are working to maximize both the individual and collective successes of organizations in Waterloo Region.


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